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Adult Self Defense


Adult Self Defense Class in Dorchester, TX

Discover the art of self-protection with our monthly Adult Self-Defense Class, meeting every first Thursday at First Baptist Church in Dorchester, Texas. Designed for individuals of all skill levels, this class offers progressive training in martial arts and weapons defense, providing you with the techniques and confidence to navigate real-world threats. Each session is tailored to empower you with practical skills and heightened awareness, ensuring you’re prepared to protect yourself and others. Join us on the journey to becoming your own best defender and transform your ability to respond to danger with calm and precision. Register now and take the first step towards personal empowerment and safety!

Classes are $20 payable at the beginning of each class. A DMD Tae Kwon Do T-shirt is required and will serve as the uniform for the class. Fill out the registration form below, and purchase your shirt to secure your spot.

Classes begin June 6th and are held in the gym at First Baptist Church – Dorchester, located at 11831 FM 902, Dorchester, TX 75459

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Price: $27.06
$25 + tax

This shirt will serve as the uniform for the class. Please wear this shirt and comfy shorts or pants to class.